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My dealer wanted $500 for the 600 mi service. After gagging on the phone I hung up and had a local Motorsports bike shop do it. They charge 90/hr labor. They spent 1/2 hour on oil change and 1/2 hour going over the bike. With the cost of the oil and filter I was out of there for about $130. I have my receipt so I don't think warranty can be denied as these are certified motorcycle technicians. I could be wrong - I hope not.

If you have not purchased the extended warranty from your Triumph dealer - you can do so at any time before your 2 year factory warranty runs out. Remember you have options to buy different warranties - depending on the warranty, some third party shops are allowed to work on them. This shop I use told me what warranty's they can bill out to - so next summer I will go back to my dealer and get the warranty added on. It wasn't something I wanted to spend money on last year when I bought the bike.


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