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last thing i'd ever tell anyone is to sell thier bike and get a harley. But i can certainly see why you would. I gotta say tho, you must be the unluckiest triumph owner ever because these things are really VERY reliable, and to have 2 that weren't is bad luck in it's rarest form. But i don't blame you. Too bad they won't give you a new one, as the chances of that being bad is lottery unlikely. This is a problem with any brand tho....most companies aren't going to give you a new bike unless the law forces them to. If i were john Bloor tho i would be there handing you a brand new one with the most sincere of apologies. Theres no excuse for this ! I think you should write a paper letter to triumph in the UK. It may not help, but if anything would it would be getting your story into the hands of those who have the last word. I really do not think the individual per country headquarters go to the top on things like this, so those who care most may not hear about it. Sorry you're having this issue.
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