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I share your frustration.But I also believe the problem lies with the stealer.He is obviously incompetent and will not allow his tech,that is if he has one good enough,to work on the problem.The problem with most stealers is they sell ya the bike,take your money,don't do a proper inservice,if any at all,and just send it out the door.Any problems that should have been picked up before delivery,don't get picked up and turn into major headaches for the new owner,in this case, you,and after that new owner has taken possession of the machine.And don't be surprosed if this particular stealer drops the Triumph line in the not too distant future.In other words,I blame the stealer,not the factory.But what's right is right and you DO have a legitimate bitch.I wish you luck and hope a mutual agreement can be reached by all parties.Dave!!!
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