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Oh, by the way, if you don't have a free flow air filter like a UNI filter or such, i would get one. And make sure triumph installed the proper tune for TORs and filter because if they didn't (and trust me, dealers often screw up worse than that !) the bike is running no where near where it should. Also, i would perform the 12 minute tune once you've had the service. It's basically manual adaption, and it can give the bike a pretty healthy power boost if the bike is not adapted. And i would almost bet the dealer didn't do that after the TORs tune. Adaption is supposed to take place as you ride, but i found mine did not adapt in 300 miles after installing the map last time and possibly wouldn't adapt as well as it did when i did the manual adaption or "12 minute tune" no matter how long i rode. After the 12 MT the bike ran like a bat outa he||! It goes like this...

Start the bike when cold and do NOT touch the throttle. Let it idle and watch for the fan to come on. Thats usually about 10 minutes or so. As soon as it comes on start timing it and turn the bike off 12 minutes after the fan came on. (I like to go another 30 seconds or so to be safe that it was long enough) after 12 minutes turn it off and wait a minute or so then go for a ride and see if it feels any different. Made mine run much stronger, smoother, and less engine noise amazingly.
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