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Originally Posted by Lygraf View Post

So, performance to the tune of torgue/HP gains, where do we begin?
Well, first of all congrats, and +1 on what BMK9251 said. Also, call triumph and ask about thier discount program for those who have served like yourself. They will give you a retroactive refund of the discount i believe. Unless you already got that, then never mind.

As to power mods, i've watched all the forums and to date i have not seen anyone go further than what you already have, 1700/tors except to remove the cat and a custom tune for that and for the 1700 with tor WITH cat intact. I tried the one with cat intact tho, and i gotta tell you that the proper triumph tune actually gave me better power. At first i thought the opposite till i realize i had removed the seat duct and once I stuck it back on along with the regular triumph tune, the bike ran better than with the custom tune. So aside from that i have seen nothing. No one had really done any major engine work or turbo'd one or any of that. the bike is only a couple years old so it just hasn't happened yet. It's bound to happen soon, but for now you may have to enjoy it as is, which with the 1700 and TORs ain't exactly adog !
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