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Easy Blackout Powdercoat Alternative

I've been looking into how to matte black out some of the chrome on my Thunderbird and discovered a great solution.

1) Scotch Brite Pads
2) Tack cloth
3) Self-Etching Primer
4) Black Truck Bedliner in a spray can

Total cost less than $25 and after my little experiment I've got tons left over.

I decided to test it out on the chrome Triumph rack. First I sanded it down with the Scotch Brite pad I picked up at my local auto supply store.

I sanded it in all directions till it looked like brushed aluminum.

Then I got all the dust off using a tack cloth, and only handled it with rubber gloves to keep finger oil off of it. I hung it in my garage and painted it with the Self-Etching spray on primer.

The can said it would be dry in 10 minutes, and it was. I added a second layer just to be sure. (While I was waiting, I popped off the lower brake fluid reservoir cover and sanded it and primed it too!)

I then sprayed a thin layer of the spray can Truck Bed Liner on it, waited 30 minutes and added another layer.

It turned out great - and this stuff is durable as can be. Looks like powdercoating, slightly rough. I added a layer of spray on protectant which gave it a slight shine and should protect it well.

Next up: Chrome belt cover and coolant reservoir cover

I'm thinking of how I can do the front and back signal lights without too much hassle ... and then the chrome pannier mount strips on the back fender ... its like an addiction

What if there were no hypothetical questions?

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