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Hey guys. I didn't want to make an entirely new thread when this topic would have done nicely, so I'm going to hijack it a little bit.

Name's Josh. I'm 24, just got out of the Marine Corps in June, and recently moved to Orlando for the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. Last Saturday, I picked up a Storm right off the showroom floor (gloss black with TORs already installed), and couldn't be possibly any happier with my purchase.

I've already started kind of letting my imagination run wild - what can be improved upon on this bike to make it even more threatening? In MMI, I'm planning to study HD, Suzuki/Yamaha and BMW. But, from what I've heard, there isn't a lot of discussion/application of aftermarket products in my classes - forced induction, in particular.

I've done a little bit of poking around on the forums and the net and was curious if anybody has ever had the nerve to turbocharge a Storm, or even a 1600. I've seen articles on people throwing turbos and superchargers on Rockets and the disgusting gains they make, and I can't help but be curious. Everytime I look at my Bird, I just see all of that dead space under the tank and just think of one day fabricating hell on earth, bolting it on, and making jaws drop more than they already do.

So, performance to the tune of torgue/HP gains, where do we begin?
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