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Try Maxima SC1 in place of pledge. I was using pledge too till a few years back, but SC1 works better and doesn't leave near as much of that oiliness that you have to wipe like he|| to get off. It's great stuff, tho I mostly use it on the satin or flat black parts and chrome. Works on paint but i have a few other things that i find are better. Like pledge it's silicone based which is what they do so well. but SC1 doesn't have all that oiliness.

i never found anything including pledge to make black easy tho. I had a speedmaster with black/blue tank and black fenders. you could put anything on the black and it might look free of swirls, but in certain light it because real obvious. Try this tho....this works fantastic. Get a buffer and some mothers sealer glaze. Use the power buffer and plenty of SG and go over the paint real good. Mothers SG hides scratches to begin with, but it works infinitely better when used with a buffer. It sorta burnished the SG into the paint and the paint comes out more scratch free than i've ever experienced and feels like it's teflon coated when you run your hand over it. The gloss is stunning too. If you want, use a good final polish first and it'll be even better. I use liquid performance spray polish as a final touch because it too hide swirls more than most spray waxes or detailers. Do that and theres nothing that will make it look better, and most anything else won't match it.
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