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Originally Posted by kraftdinners View Post
Hi Herbivore
Yes I have fitted the Steibel Nautilus horn on my `bird, fitted it to the front dresser bar, with a custom made stainless steel bracket, with the Relay in the headlamp. works a treat. I purchased the "Chrome" version so it "gets lost" with all the Chrome .its been used a few times in "anger" believe me !! , but like you I could not find anywhere else to fit it, thus the dresser bars, the original Horn is beyond useless...and thats even the replacement that comes with the front bars...
Hey, thanks Alan!

I was afraid the best solution might involve buying yet more kit, and at the same time I was looking for an excuse to buy those front dresser bars. So: two birds with one throttle-blip (or stone, if you prefer)!

Any chance of a photo of your setup, or hints as to the design of that custom bracket for the horn? Any tips gladly accepted!

Thanks, all, for the generous replies.
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