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No, you don't have to remove the wheel. But it *can be* a bit of a contortionist's nightmare depending on how well you think it out. I remove the left muffler to make it as easy as possible. Theres a pin that goes thru the tops of the pads that hold them in. The bottom ends are held in by the shape of the bottom of the pads....they sort slip into a slot. Thats probably not a good choice of words, but you'll see what i mean when you do it. Anyways, you have to remove a cotter pin that goes thru the pin that holds the pads in place. pull it out then you can drive the pin out with a hammer and a small screwdriver or something that will fit thru the hole the pin is in. drive it out from the left towards the wheel. Once oput you can pull the pads out then push the pistons in to gain room for the new pads. I'll leave that to you, as it's a matter of getting a big screwdriver in there or some such thing, and i can't recall exactly what i used. But i can say it's a but of a contortionist kinda thing. You know....real fun stuff. Anyways, once pushed in enough to get the pads in slip them in and focus on getting the bottom of each pad hooked in place so when you put the pin thru the top the bottoms are not loose....they must be locked in place. Hard to explain a lot of this but again, you'll get it when you do it. Then drive the pin back in making sure the hole in the end of it for the cotter pin is situated so that once it's in it will be orientated right so the pin can go thru w/o having to try and turn it.

Hope that helps. But it's just a general outline that you will have to improvise thru if i missed any points or if some aren't clear. I'd like to have documented it on video, but i asked about putting a section in here for that sort of thing and so far nothing has materialized. Anyways, just go for it and you'll see it's not all that hard. Took me about 20 min/half hour.

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