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I really doubt it came from the factory like that unless you ordered it and specified that. Triumph would not be liable for sending out a illegal setup to be sold for the street. They have far too much at risk to do things like that. So the only way a new bike is going to have shorts is if the customer ordered it like that, in which case he would be expected to know via the accessories description that they're not street legal, or the dealer puts them on. Dealers WILL do that knowing they aren't likely to be called on it by anyone. I would bet the dealer installed them. In fact, the scenario i described where the customer orders it like that from the factory....well, i don't even think that would happen come to think of it. I believe if you order it like that it will ship 100% stock and any accessories you order will be installed by the dealer. In fact i believe the triumph site mentions, or at least at one time did mention that when you do the configurator thing that it doesn't include labor costs for the dealer to install them. I seriously doubt a bike ever leaves the factory with anything but stock exhausts.
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