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Originally Posted by Randomo View Post

I don't think this is a triumph issue. My last bike, Kawa Vulcan, did the same thing. It is an issue with how motorcycle clutches are designed. They don't do very well at shifting when stationary. If you downshift while rolling to a stop, you shouldn't have that issue.

If you have to shift at a stop, release the clutch just to the beginning of the friction zone as you down shift each gear, and it should shift just fine. Obviously, cover your brake, just in case you let the clutch go too far.
Agreed. If he's saying it does this while moving tho, then it IS a problem. Seems he is, tho the way it's worded is a bit confusing.
when I was shifting down to 3rd 2nd and 1st gear they would not engage even when I was stationary
Thats sounds as if to say that when stationary it should be easier. But stationary is where no bike will do that well w/o having to keep banging on it. If it's doung it while moving tho theres a definate problem obviously.
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