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Regarding the caliper pins falling out,unless you or someone else worked on it,which I doubt,I'd say the Stealer did a pretty good job on predelivery,wouldn't you?? I'd be screamin blue murder.

After almost 24,000 miles,I have an Italian rear brake rotor on a Britsih I ordered the new one [under warantee] alittle over a month ago and just picked it up this AM.Will be changin it ASAP.

As for the pads,Triumph tells ya to use the front brake for 90% of your stopping power.I wasn't doing that and was also only gettin 5-6000 miles out of mine too.But since I changed my braking habit,I now get 10,000-15,000 miles from a set of rear pads.They're only 1/8 inch [.125] thick when new.So ya really don't have a lot of lining to start with. Dave!!!
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