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Just an FYI,but every month or so,ya might wanna pull the shift lever off [one allen screw holds it on] and apply alittle grease on to the shoulder of that bolt so the shifter will move nice and easy,not to mention preventing premature wear.And while you're there,this is also a good time to squirt alittle lubricant into the little joints on the ends of the shift linkage.I have the floor board set up,but i'm sure the conventional shifter can also use this maintenance.The two things that are most frequently used every single day on any motorcycle,are the clutch lever and the shifter.So ya wanna do your maintenance on em,and do it OFTEN,as those are the first things to wear out.And who knows,ya just might get 100,000 miles of service out of em if ya do this simple maintenance,not to mention the embarrassment of being broken down on the side of the road a million miles from It's worked for me over the years and continues to work for me on my present machine,my Bird.Follow me??? Dave!!!
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