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Good news!!! After my little 2 mile walk last evening,I was sore,to say the least,but when i got up this mornin,the knee felt pretty good.SO!! Whadaya think I did??? Give up??? I jumped on my scooter and off I went to run a couple errands.NO PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER! SO,I'm back up and runnin again.Persistence pays off.And even though the wife was yellin at me to NOT walk last night,and even worse,"DON'T RIDE THAT BIKE" this mornin,I did em both anyways,lol, and it appears to have been very beneficial.Some people call me a "DIE HARD".Call it what ya like,but I DO GET RESULTS,no matter what I do.Pretty good,huh??? lol lol get back to the tire/belt thread.When pushin the bike wheel onto that rollerstand,yes,ya do need to put a block of would under the side stand to get the machine to stand up alittle straighter.But not much as ya don't want the machine to fall over either. And then when ya do spin the wheel,ya spin it EASY.Don't try to make it go fast cause it juist ain't gonna happen.Like I said,it's basically to do wheel maintenance and tire inspection.After ya use it acouple of times,you'll get the drift and everything should work out for ya.You'll learn what ya can do with it and what ya CANNOT do with it.But the bootm line is that it does make life easier,atleast it has for me.But again,i'm not the brightest star in the sky lol Dave!!!
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