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And, come to think of it, I have one more question.

After getting the bike and reading the manual, it seems like I have to get the service done at the dealer per the warranty terms. I usually prefer to do the maintenance stuff myself on my car and bike (you know how much of a ripoff dealer service can be). I haven't called to ask about this yet, but does anyone else have any info on whether the service has to be done by the dealer or the warranty is void (obviously, self service needs to keep receipts)?

The finance lady tried to push a '2 yr service package' on me for $700, which I passed on. As soon as I did, she said the first service usually runs $400, which seemed really high. But, I hadn't read the warranty blurb requiring dealer service, so I didn't think anything of it. According to the manual, the first service is an oil change, ecu check, and 'make sure nothing leaks/looks broken' service. How can that be anywhere near $400?? Anyone have any input on what the first service ran you from the dealer (for reference, their standard oil change only rate is $70)?
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