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Originally Posted by dazco View Post
Yes, tho If you want to save labor costs and install them yourself you can then load the tune yourself if you get a cable to use with the free tuneecu download. If your dealer installs them, loading the tors tune is part of the job so they'll do it. But if you want to save the labor which will likely be around $100 or more and install them yourself, we can help you learn how to do it. Point you to the cable to buy, ($10-20) link you to the tuneecu site, show you how to use it and where to download the tune. You just need the cable and either a laptop or any PC you can get close to the bike so the cable will reach.
OK, thanks. I will do it myself. I did all my Harley EFI calibrations with a TTS Mastertune system and my old Windows 2000 laptop. Same thing but Mastertune has a auto-tune feature where you ride the bike with the laptop connected in a backpack and collect sensor data then take 4 or 5 data sessions and overlay them into a custom tune. I also do much of my own wrenching and have a full craftsman mechanics tool crib with 15 drawers. (My Father-In-Law) worked for Sears for 10 years as his retirement job in the tool department so I got every sale item with another 20% off. I also have a MC jack and compressor with air tools.
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