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And a Storm as well! Nicely done. I think you got a killer price, but then again I'm in Canada, where motorcycles are just naturally 15% more list than in the US. Why? Hellz if I know.

I truly would not trade my Tbird for any other bike on the planet. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd buy two more and store them in an underground vault, coated in grease, just in case mine got wrecked.

For me, the Thunderbird is the best bike I've ever owned, and it fits me like I was born for it. Its got neck-snapping power when you need it, and slow-n-low cool torque and attitude all the time. It handles outstandingly well, the brakes are world-class and it has all the features I need, and none of the ones I don't.

It's as comfortable as my Lazyboy, and mean as a high school bully. Old men get teary when they see it at the gas station. Soccer moms wink at me from their stuffy minivans.

I can't help but smile and whoop in my helmet every time I get on it.

I feel incredibly grateful to have my Tbird, and I'm sure that you'll love yours.

Again, nicely done.


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