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Well, I did it. I bought my Storm. Thank you all for your very good advice. particularly the local advice, here in Southern Cali.

The basic 2011 TBird Storm is listing at $13,899 (before dealer prep, freight, documentation & taxes). Adding all of the basic "stuff", the list "out-the-door" would be $16,694.

I contacted Triumph of LA (a member of the "Out The Door" group). They pride themselves on making their first price be "The Price". Period. So, they offered me $14,999 for the bike, 10% off of all the accessories I could eat and 20% off of the accessory install labor.

I should say that I also talked with a more "traditional" dealership, who's first offer to me was FULL list, then asked "what do you WANT to pay?" Needless to say, we went back & forth, and I feel that in the end, I could have gotten them (kicking & screaming) to the same place that Triumph of LA started at. It wasn't worth the effort, and its not the way I want to establish a dealer/client relationship.

So, I took the deal at Triumph of LA & I am very, very happy.

I hope that all of you have similarly good experiences.

Thank you Chuck, of Triumph LA
Thank you Dazco.

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