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My cousin is a city cop and I have done several ride alongs with him and sooooo the real truth of the matter is there are many different kinds of hand held units. All the cars in his city have bolted in units that read forward and rear and automatically compensate for the speed of the car to give a true reading on the other car. Also they have hand held units that he uses when parked perpendicular to the road he is running traffic on. There is radar, laser, lidar - and now some are wireless so the cop can hide his car behind a bush and then sneak out and nail you with a wireless handheld unit and it has a sight on it - so they put the red dot on you and you are done, doesn't matter how big or small you are. Dave is right that the older regular radar ones pick up the biggest moving signature and it's easy to slide thru especially if there is other movement around you. These new wireless handhelds are taking all the fun out of the game because it just increased the places they can hide tenfold.


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