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I purchased the Dart Manta screen and mounted it a couple of weeks ago. The purchase was from Fast Eddy and not Dart directly. I have been able to put several hundred miles behind it now and I have really enjoyed the addition in several ways. Being so small and at an angle that doesn't seem to look like it would be efficient, it actually is for the torso. You are still left with your helmet in the air stream but the pressure on your body is greatly reduced at higher speed leaving you with less of a struggle in fighting the wind. I had thought initially that I would not like it on the bike all the time and would unmount it on my normal daily commute, etc. That hasn't been the case. I had stop by my local dealer to get a few things updated on the Storm with the screen mounted and they had no clue (of course) that anything was out yet for the Storm. And that it truly went well with the design and style of the bike. I personally do not want to take my Storm all the way up to the touring look with the full size windscreen. Some may and if so the Dart Manta is not for them. Rather than posting a lesser quality picture it's best to see the screen on Darts site.

If you are interested in purchasing it I would highly recommend you make your purchase from eddy.
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