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Afternoon Daz.How goes the battle sir??My walk last night wasn't too,too awful bad, but all I could do was kinda gimp along,slowly,but only for a short distance before I had to stop and rest.And my two associates made all kinds of cracks about it to boot.Infact,they were laughin so hard, I thought I was gonna have to carry them back to our starting With friends like that who needs But being the stubborn Polock that I am,I won't quit.So I guess I still have alittle ways to go.But atleast this AM,the swelling appears to have gone down alittle.So that's a positive.

Regarding the radar,the only thing I can tell ya,is the guys on the rice rockets that are gettin tagged aren't payin attention especially if they're travelin at warp factor III,lol, which I'm sure many of em are atleast movin right But the truth of the matter is,the hand held unit will not pick a bike up until it's within a quarter mile of that unit.I know this cause I've had alittle experience with these units.

The in car units won't pick up a bike until it's within 200 feet or so of the unit,but also locks on to any LARGER objects, first, like a car or truck.I've also had alittle experience with those.And the smaller the machine you're drivin,the better the chances are of not gettin seen by either unit,that is,until the bike is right on top of the radar unit.

So the only advice I would offer is to NOT drive like a mad man and more importantly,PAY ATTENTION,no matter what or where you're driven.Dave!!!

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