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Far as i know they only use hand held units around here. Never seen the ones you're talking about. Pretty much the only radaring the cops do in L.A. is hand held by motorcycle cops. And they can peg me with those because they have several times. But usually they just don't bother with me, and like i said the one time i was stopped recently they gave me a warning which they NEVER do in my car. And i've had more than my share of tickets in the cage. But they stop the sportie guys all the time. The only other radar i see, and only very rarely is that one they mount on the roof where they can check your speed while they are moving.

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Daz: I think you'll find that the reason they don't stop or chase ya is because the radar unit simply doesn't see ya.And I'm talkin about the dash or rear window mounted units.Radar only picks the large objects within its' line of vision on those units.So unless you're the only vehicle on the road,and you're within 200 feet of the camera,the radar unit simply doesn't see ya.And by that time, you've usually seen him and adjusted your speed accordingly.By the same token,if you're not payin attention,then you're about to pay alittle extra road

Now the newer hand held radar units can pick up a motorcycle at just under a quarter mile,but that's only if the officer can get that machine into the little sights in the window of that hand held unit.And even then, reflection from any chrome or the sun or if ya happen to be weaving alittle bit,can prevent him from getting a lock on ya.

Now the latest unit out uses a red dot which is even worse for trackin two wheelers. But ya didn't get that information No names "PLEASE" lol
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