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Ok, i just went out to the garage and shot about 20 shots and i couldn't get anything better than this. Sorry, they aren't very clear but at least you will have an idea of what to look for. Look under the tank from the right side and you should be able to see both. As you can see in the picture they are rubber L shaped goodies with the hose (about 1/4" diameter hose) coming out of them on one end and the other goes onto the map sensor.

In the main picture the arrows point to the rubber part that sticks onto the map sensor nipple. Yours may not necassarily be pointing in the same direction so don't let that throw you off. In the INSERT picture, 1 is the L shaped rubber part, 2 is the hose coming out of it that goes to the throttle bodies, and 3 is where the rubber L is shoved onto the map sensor nipple. If one of them is loose you should be able to see the nipple on the map sensor within a short distance from it, probably a 1/8", so it should be easy to see. Use a strong flashlight to make it easier.
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