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Originally Posted by davetac1 View Post
The roller thingy is called a rollerstand.It is approximatly a foot square,approximately two inches high,has four rubber cleats on the bottom so it doesn't move,and a pair of rollers on it.What ya do is push the bike up on it so one of the wheels is on the rollers,place a piece of wood under the side stand to keep the machine level,and now you can spin the wheel on those rollers with the bike still in place to check the tires and or do wheel maintenance.It's not a lift or anything like that.All it does is make life alittle easier for tire inspection and or wheel maintenance.

Now that I think about it,I suspose you could use it to check and maybe adjust the
belt tension if ya don't have a lift.But I just got it Friday and haven't tried that yet.I've only used it to check the tires as I already have a lift.Dave!!!
I bought one today at Harbour Freight and paid $23.99 with a 20% off coupon. They call it a Wheel Cleaning Stand. I'll try it out tomorrow.

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