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Picked bike up today

Hello to all,

Well I picked up the bike today, new fork legs and the switch was replaced. So far it appears to be a different bike, I cannot believe how different the bike is to ride, it seems to pull a lot harder then before.

I just came back from a ride and it ran very well, I was nice to it either and it didn't miss a beat so lets see how long it lasts. Hopefully for many years.

I was pretty set on selling it an going back to Harley but i still love the look, handling and now the performance.

So I am thinking of keeping it. I will attempt to contact Triumph still and let them know my situation. Who knows where that will get me.

Thanks to everyone for their input and encouragement, this is the reason I'm considering keeping it.

The other reason is the overall reliability everyone keeps telling me about. It appears the switch was its main problem. I will keep you posted on how it all goes.

Thanks Again


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