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I have some thoughts on a couple of your questions:

The speedometer does seem a bit high on mine, but I'm not sure. There's a speed indicator LED on the highway near my place that I pass every day. At exactly 100km/h on my gauge it gives me a radar reading of 92 or 93. But I've often thought I have more trust in my bike gauge than in some sign a bureaucrat put up for the express purpose of making sure I get tickets so they get paid (a great reason to undercalibrate a radar sign).

I haven't looked into the locking cap. Don't think I need it as I always park my bike in a locked garage or where I can see it.

I think that as Dazco mentioned, the radiator would prevent attaching pegs to the frame, but that's just speculation as I'm not sure how they attach.

The stock Thunderbird seat fits me perfectly. I took a 500km + trip the other week and felt perfectly comfortable at the end in the stock Tbird seat. But ... I also know that its impossible to know how a seat feels for someone else. I'm sure plenty of people love that Vulcan seat? I hated the Vulcan 900 seat - after half an hour my legs went numb, it was horrible.

Mind you, nothing compares to sheer awful like the Harley Nightster I sat on the other day. Holy smokes, that thing felt like sitting on a couple of warped 2x4 boards nailed side by side. I can't understand how people actually enjoy riding that bike.


What if there were no hypothetical questions?
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