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How accurate are the gauges (speedo, fuel, odo)? On my current bike, the speedo reads 10% high stock, which translates into the same error on the trip/odo. The fuel gauge is also complete junk, and reads empty at 2/3 tank remaining.
speedo is 50 MPH at actual 46. But there is a program we get free (requires a $10-20 cable) called "tuneecu" that lets up play with the bike's ECU and you can set the speedo to be accurate easily. Fuel isn't exactly accurate, but not near as bad as yours. It shows a light when you are around 4 gallons down (holds 5.8) but it's a warning light, not a empty light. just there to tell you to fuel up before long. The gauge itself is fairly close but not totally accurate. i've never taken it down to empty, but when vey close the tank was pretty low. Odo....not sure.

Any option for locked gas cap other than Triumph branded? I find it weird that a locking cap is not standard.
I believe there is one. Se

Is there a recommended weight chart for the adjustable shocks? As I don't have the bike, I don't have a owner's manual yet and for some reason Triumph doesn't have them for download on their website that I could see. I've read some reviews saying the #1 setting is too soft and recommend #3 for riders >200 lbs. I've also read people say that #3 was too high for 2 up riding. I'm curious if this is documented in the manual at all, or if it's just trial and error/user preference. I'm about 250, and found the #1 setting on the test bike to be really soft and probably caused the pegs to scrape more than I would like.
cant help you there. Im 170 and setting 1 is so fine i have never even tried anything else.

Any info on when the 2012 should start appearing at dealerships? I'm currently looking at ~12k USD incl/ $400 in accessories on a 2011 ABS black. Having the leverage of labeling a prior year hold over when 2012s come in couldn't hurt. Also would be nice if the 2011's would get the preferred financing terms as well (cheap financing is only on the 2010s atm).
They seem to start coming in a few weeks after the new year from what i recall.

Can you mount highway pegs on the frame or do you *need* the dresser bars? If you want to add the Triumph pegs, it makes you pick up the dresser bar. Anyone mounted them on the existing black frame bars?
theres no place to mount them on the frame i believe because the radiator is in the way. But i'm not 100% on that. Don't think they'd stick out far enough if you did that anyways.

How do people find the stock seat? In my admittedly limited rides, I found the seat to be very comfy. But, I also thought that initially on the Vulcan, which turned out to be terrible after ~30 min. Is there a consensus on the stock seat or best replacement options?
I love it. I am nearly 60 and my arse doesn't like anything thats not real easy on it. But the firmness which some thing is too hard initially soon realize it actually HELPS with long distance comfort. There is a "long haul" one available, but some like myself have no reason to want that.

PS: get the 1700 kit installed along with shorties...that is a killer combination and the bike just slays the 1600 in how strong it feels and is much more enjoyable even riding sedately. Of course if you DO want to fly it will do so in a whole different league than the 1600. (it's all in the 1700's cams) Tone is much better too. I could never go back.

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