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I guess there is something to be said for buying the dealer demo off the showroom. I had a little trepidation at first about buying a bike that already had over a 100 miles on it - but their test rides are 10-15 miles long so I figure maybe a couple sales guys rode it and maybe 5-6 customers - the only problem I had with it was the coolant leak which was visible and I pointed out to them BEFORE taking delivery of it. They fixed it under warranty - but it did keep my bike 8 days doing it. Something about having to inspect it, then order parts for it - Triumph warranty doesn't allow them to order what they need first then bring your bike in. At any rate I have always wondered that it being a floor model if it didn't get a more thorough going over as it was on display for all to see. Been pretty happy so far - until the tire change and then the resulting axle or belt squeak - but that isn't a warranty issue - an alignment issue of which I am still foggy on exactly how to do...


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