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Thanks, it will be interesting to compare the tune number with what your bike shows on the tuneecu site. But sounds like i was right as you say and it's the same old tune. I just came back from lunch. I don't usually go out on the bike at lunch but i just couldn't resist. I can't get over how great it's running. Your description sounds just like what i experienced when i did adaption, tho with mine the most impressive difference is the power it gained. makes it so much more fun. However, my situation unfortunately has left me with starting issues. thankfully only in the morning after a full night of sitting. i think it may just be some bad gas or such but we'll see. by the way, i think my MPG is thru the roof compared with that custom tune. On the gas gauge where it is when i am at 60 miles on the tank, today it was at 82 ! Thats a huge difference, but i will wait till i fill up and do the calculation then. but so far it's looking very impressive. I may be getting as good or better mileage as i did when it was a 1600.
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