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Hmmm....this may answer a question i had. First let me say that the tuneecu site hosts all the triumph tunes and all of them say they are for ethanol content up to E25 which i think means 25%. But the reason i say this may answer a question for me is this....i had the 20310 map (1700 w/TORS and SAI) on my PC that i had downloaded from there a few months ago. I have however been using a custom tune and decided to go back to the 20310 map so i loaded it a week ago. The bike ran ok and i didn't notice anything different in the way it ran. But it did all of a sudden have a starting issue. So i figured maybe i should download a new copy in case the map i had got corrupted or something. So i downloaded it and after putting it in the bike the thing ran like it never has. It had much better low end torque and was smoother. Even the random engine noises seem to have calmed down.

So now i'm wondering if this is a improved tune but with the same number. I always thought they change the number when they modified a tune but who knows. I will have to email him and ask. Anyways, as to your question, like i said the maps have long said they were good for ethanol up to E25 so i'm not sure what they are up to. Maybe your bike's tune was a very old one unless your bike is pretty new.
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