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The Magic of Lowering Handlebars

Last night I was out polishing up my Tbird and I got it into my head to fiddle around with the handlebars just to see how easy it would be to lower them. I popped off the little plastic caps and got out my hex wrench and loosened the bolts. I dropped the bars about an inch and a half, and then tightened everything up. It felt a little different - more relaxed position or something, but I just cleaned up the garage and headed off to bed.

I kind of half forgot about it until I got on the bike this afternoon. I took a 50km ride and boy did it feel different! Like a whole new machine. Countersteering is much easier, and it feels like my shoulders are much more relaxed. I'm really shocked at how different it feels - and I really like it.

Not that it didn't feel good before - it has always felt incredibly comfortable, the best bike I've ever ridden ... just now it even feels better! I never would have thought that such a little thing would make such a big difference.

If you haven't tried fiddling around with your Thunderbird handlebars, I highly recommend it!

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