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Originally Posted by TBird Daryl39 View Post
You have squeaky hemorrhoids???

Daz - just a fluke I caught this thread today and saw my name. I am not 100% sure my squeak is gone - I insisted they remove my wheel again and grease the works - I did not get to see what they did - but the rubber pieces in there Dave mentioned they told me were dry and they greased them up. I returned home (10 miles) squeak free, but I haven't ridden since. I have zero confidence that the rear wheel is aligned correctly, or belt tensioned correctly based on all I have read on this forum - but at this time I'm not set up to do my own maintenance like you guys are. I don't mind using a jack and plywood if that is the only way to do it - but what is this rolla thingy Dave was talking about? That sounds handy - some sort of jack system that keeps the bike upright is what I need - but in my garage I can angle it into my workbench and use tie downs to keep it upright as well.
Mine still squeaked and i had cleaned and lubed my cush drive already. So it could be that on yours, but it wasn't on mine. Mine has completely stopped since i aligned it right and loosened the belt that was insanely tight. I explained a good way to easily align it twice here already, and they were pretty long threads i really don't want to retype, but look for them. I think the real involved one may be in this thread. But it's recent so you should find it easily enough. i do think at this point we can all be quite sure it's belt tension, alignment, and possibly even belt/pulley cleanliness that are all contributing to these squeaks on all birds that have it.
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