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Thats how i felt when i demo'd a Rocket. Unreal power, almost yanked my hands off the bars when i whacked the throttle, but i was glad to get back on my bike afterwards. And my bike at the time was just a speedmaster ! I think like me, you won't sacrifice everything you like about a bike just for speed. The duc's power may be unreal, but if i wanted that i'd just buy a Busa and kick the diavels azz. But neither bike floats my boat in any way whatsoever other than power, and even there i don't care near as much for high RPM HP....i much prefer a low RMP motor with a ton of torque down low. The R3 has that, but it also has a number of things i don't like. The Tbird for me is the ultimate bike thats ever come of the production line in any plant.
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