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Originally Posted by TBird Daryl39 View Post
Ahhhh, it's comments like these that just make me want to go hang out in the garage with my "Bird" and gaze upon her with affection.
I'm in the process of looking to buy a house for the first time. And if i do one of the majors things i look forward to is a garage i can sit in and gaze upon my sweet sweet bird.

BMK9251....should you get the triumph short TORS i think you will find that they are not nearly as loud as the typical HD pipes. But they sound worlds better than stock pipes and add around 6-8 HP to boot with just a little extra volume. Add to that they allow access to the axl w/o having to remove a muffler, make the bike run even smoother, (don't as why, i have no idea) save some weight, and look really sweet, a no brainer at $450. See a Tbird with them in person before judging....didn't like them myself ill i saw them in person and everyone i know agreed they improved the look. See the pic of my bike in the link in my signature.
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