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Originally Posted by BMK9251 View Post
Thanks everyone3 for the kind responses...but as for power and exhaust note...the stock Tbird is very fast compared to a Harley TC88. So, I'll be taking my time to get used to the bike and a good 5000 mile break in before I make any changes.

As for loud pipes...well having had 2 Harleys with Stage 1 pipes, I must admit I am really looking for more of a refined and tighter performance ride. The Harleys with loud pipes droning at you get old after several hours on the big slab. My daughter is in college about a 5-6 hour (each way) ride away and I want a machine that I can zip down on a weekend and visit and zip back and get off and not feel like I have been beat to death. The Harley Dyna line beats you up too much and the Streetglide doesn't give you the tight performance feeling. So the Vrod was the closest...but didn't feel right compared to the Tbird. So the Tbird feels like it was designed for exactly the type of riding I want to do. I can't wait until it gets here.
Ahhhh, it's comments like these that just make me want to go hang out in the garage with my "Bird" and gaze upon her with affection.


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