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You have every reason to be upsest Id be doing the same as well . Id demand my money back from the dealer with threats of stories in the local newspapers and the motorcycle press. As Daz says theres a lemon somwhere and over the two forums it seems we have found two. Unfortunatly yours sounds like one of them.

Its a shame as the bike is fantastic but I think I would have lost confidence as well now . In fact I would have driven it into the dealership on a saturday morning locked it alarmed it on the show room floor and left a solicitors letter on the desk saying that the machine is not fit for purpose you want you money back .

Its also a shame as my experience with Triumph has been nothing but purfect. Fork replacment , engine cover replacement (cost them nearly 700 quid ) new mirror as moisture got behind the mirror . All sorted with no problems.

Ok I know these are not major issues mechanicaly but still the dealer bent over backwards to get it sorted and Triumph took the dealer for thier word and sorted everthing for me with no questions.

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