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Originally Posted by dazco View Post
Dave, what about the avon? You said you had one and tossed it because f a flat and got another in a different size, right? So give it a chance and see how far it goes. I only have 500 miles on mine so i can't even begin to access it's longevity, but the fact it's dual compound and the tread is deeper should prove to give far greater mileage than the metz i would think. See how that works out B4 chancing a car tire's safety. When i was young i dropped many bikes due to the fact that tires for bikes back then were hard rubber like car tires. Today i can ride far past the limits i could back then because of the compounds bike tires use today. I would stay away from CT's. It's just not safe regardless of what anyone says.
Yes,I did run a a regular Avon Storm in the 200/50 size,but it only lasted 8000 miles,which was better then the Metz,but still no bargain.And yes again,I used a second Avon,except this one was the Storm II Ultra,but in a smaller 180/55 size as alittle experiment I was tryin.Then at 1400 miles,I hit some debris in the road which punctured and destroyed that tire.So I then put on my back up,also an Ultra and in the same smaller size,and so far,it's been 3400 miles and still has 6/32 of tread left.It had 8/32 when new.

Now if this tire doesn't give me any better mileage,then I have one more tire I will try.And if that doesn't do the trick,then hopefully by then,the tire people will make a CT in the size I'm lookin for and I WILL use it.

Now I'm not sayin that a CT is safer,but what I am sayin that it will run 80-90,000 miles and for half of what we're payin for one of these over rated "EXPENSIVE" MC radials.

The average guy will only drive 5000 miles or so a year.But there are guys like me who drive 20,000 miles or better a year and that's when it gets really expensive.Now I have grown fond of the Bird,but not the tires.And if I can't find somethin that will last,then it's by,by Birdy and I'll buy somethin else that does NOT use these **** tires.But again,that's me and my opinion on this subject. Dave!!!
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