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Who says car tires are cheap?

My Jag XJ8 I have to change tires every 12-18 months! And redo the brakes!

Granted I hit the twisties pretty fast in it

Last time I changed tires it cost 2,000!!!

The newest set I ordered from tirerack and saved 800!

I do the brake pads and rotors myself and save 2,000 from the stealership!

And I bet at least one person reads my whining and says, if you choose to run a Jag then put up the dollars and shut up about the maintenance. Or I could just slow down ....

Er no! I'll keep driving my car as I like and I'll pay the price for the tires.

On my sprint I'm lucky to get 5,000km - that's 3,000 miles!

On the bonnie my metzler tourances are going at 14,000km - approx 9,000 miles. I think that's pretty good!

If'n you want the baddest cruiser then it's going to cost a little in tires!
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