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Originally Posted by Golfnut View Post
So I rode down to Carmel for my sister in laws wedding. This morning, I started my bike, but quickly (within 5 seconds) turned the bike off because I had forgotten to take the fork lock off. When I restarted the bike, it was hard starting, and would not stay on at idle. In fact , at low speeds, it sounded like it was backfiring. I had to keep the RPMs above 1250 to keep the engine on.

I was able to ride the 100 miles home without incident because it was all freeway driving. But the second I pulled into the driveway, the engine stalled. And the check engine light was on the entire way. I've even disconnected the battery to see if the ECU would reset, but nothing changed. I'll take it in on Tuesday (dealer closed on Mondays). I'm a bit worried because my wife and I are leaving on a 5 day Sierra Nevada ride (she'll ride her own Kawa Vulcan), and I hope they can fix mine in time. Any ideas what it might be?
Yeah, it's almost surely a map sensor hose come loose. They are small hoses under the tank that are very hard to get to till you realize what they look like and you can actually access them w/o removing the tank by musing a flashlight and looking under it. But if you don't know what they look like and approximately where they are you probably won't be able to see. But those symptoms are exactly what happens with a loose map sensor hose right down to the check engine light. If you want i can try and get a picture tomorrow and post it for you.
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