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Originally Posted by tnfleming View Post
Dazco 's point about tire technology must be true, because I've only been riding about 3 years, and i ride all year 'round and in the rain and cold, and dudes who have been riding for 30 years are aghast that i ride in the rain! And I think they are basing their beliefs on tires THEY rode 30 years ago, I guess. And I say to 'em, well, you don't know how much better grip these tires have now, I never slip in the rain.
Many folks simply dont ride in the rain. I wouldnt base any speculation on those peoples reaction to rideing in the rain.

Personally I have ridden in all weather conditions summer,spring fall and winter and for many years, didnt even have a car back then. The reaction to people who ride all weather conditions today is just about the same as it was back then.

With that said. Yes! Some of todays compounds are a bit better in the wet if the tread design is also compatible for water dispacement. If its not you will be asking for trouble if you go out rideing and leanning into turns like you do in the dry. Be carefull and test the boundries of any "new to you" tire carefully before doing the buisness as usual approch to rideing in the rain.

As for car tires on a bike?? Not me !! I like the twisties and dont like putting things on a bike that limit its performance or handleing charecteristics especially when they also create an unsafe condition! Take a turn just a little too hot by accident with a car tire on your bike and instead of a little corrective action by trail braking you will be picking that bike up from the ground at best! At worst is the question I dont think you really want to knowthe answer too??
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