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Originally Posted by tnfleming View Post
The stock pipes are too quiet. Staintune sells collector pipes to replace the cat which reportedly improves the sound, but you gotta wait 6 weeks for delivery from australia. And gotta order through a dealer. And it means it's not street legal. And i LIKE the stock pipes except they're too quiet. So, being the genius that i am....i downloaded an mp3 of harley pipes off the internet onto my iphone, and i'm gonna get waterproof wireless motorcycle speakers and mount 'em on my bike, and blare motorcycle exhaust sounds!!!
What do you all think?!?!?! And don't tell me it's retarded because: a) my son already told me that, and b). it's not what i want to hear.
But if "they" start making electric bikes, everybody will be doing it!!!

And yes the Staintunes will be just as street legal as British Customs "Hogslayers". If you haven't already seen it - go watch the video on youtube for the Staintunes. IMO they are by far the best sound - but they were double price of the Hogslayers so I went with the Hogslayers. I have never heard the Shorty's, but I personally don't like the look of the Shorty's so another reason I went with Hogs. Here is a link to that video. Play on a computer with good speakers.


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