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Parting with our hardearned money and the downtime is definitely a consideration. But another consideration is mathematical and safety related. If you take say, a Dodge Caravan - curb weight is 4,300 lbs. Fairly narrow tires, that is 1,075 lbs on each 'S' rated tire. The rubber compound is designed to provide the proper amount of grip for the weight on it. You take that same tire and put it on the back of the Tbird and now it only has 470 lbs on it(if the rider weighs 200 lbs). This tire needs more weight to grip properly. The Tbird has enough torque to spin this tire now, in the dry and on the wet it would be a disaster. This can't be the answer. The Tbird specs are for a ZR rated tire. ZR rated compounds are soft, if memory serves it goes something like S, H, V, Z - with each letter a higher speed rating and softer tire compound. So there really shouldn't be any surprise that they are wearing out quickly. If you are surprised go check out a sport bike forum and those guys are only getting 3,500 miles on their rear tires. I personally am going to stick with ZR rated tires because I like to crank it up in the corners and stick to the ground - but if your riding style is like sedate like Dave's why not research up a tire with a harder compound - a touring tire, H or V rated. In another thread there were guys who had tried running 200/55-17's and said they fit and it gives you many more options to choose from, some even claimed that it made their speedometers read more accurately, who knows for sure - but as is I know mine reads about 3 mph higher than actual at 70mph.


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