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You guys are makin me nervous with these clutch cable failures.But on the day I brought my Bird home from the dealership,I immediately did an inservice on it and one of the things I did,and still do every thousand mikes or so,is lube that cable and its pivot points.I call it preventive maintenance.However,shortly after I bought the machine,I did buy a spare cable as a "JUST IN CASE" and carry it with me all the time,just in

I'm just a couple hundred miles shy of 24,000 and haven't had one problem with my Bird other than that stupid drive belt thing which I believe I've finally solved.

So I guess the moral of the story is,if ya do your maintenance on a regular basis and don't beat your machine,ya should get good service out of it.And BTW,the stealership hasn't touched my machine since the day I got it because the day I did my inservice,I found more then enough wrong,that they did NOT do,to warrant that statement.But I'm in a position that I can do that.Most guys can't.Hence the search for a good dealership with a good mechanic.And they ARE out there,far and few between,but they are out there.Ya just gotta find em. Dave!!!
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