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I went on a local Triumph group ride here on the coast and we split into 2 groups as there were over 20 of us - we ended up with a leader on a gold wing running a car tire. Very flat tire across tread, and so sharp edged on the sidewall - from behind you really couldn't notice on the straight but when we got into the twisties, we never went the speed limit - always slower and you could see the entire tire lift up and ride only on the sidewall. It looked ridiculous, and he did admit that it took some getting used to to make it turn. My opinion comes from something my dad taught me growing up and you Brits will understand exactly what I'm saying - "If you can afford the Mercedes, WHY did you go with the diesel engine to try and save a few bucks on gas?" To quote Jeremy from Top Gear/UK - "It's hideous". So again, this is just my opinion, but if you can afford to buy a Tbird - then you can afford to put good gas in it, and the proper tires on it. Car tires are


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