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That might be better than grease because it wouldn't attract dirt as much. I used grease tho because it's just so long lasting. If you use teflon or such i'd lube it more regularly than grease. I don't think it matters much what you use as long as you keep it lubed. They really get very dry and a lot of friction results. Bet lubing it will make it last twice as long.
I think i mat replace all my cables soon now that i'm at 17k. I called a cable company and asked if they make anything that is higher quality and longer lasting because a number of owners of the model i own are reporting failure under 20k, and his response was no and that 20k is about as long as they should last ! So i think it';s wise to change them before 20k. I had a throttle cable go on my speedmaster at about 20k and i gotta tell you, without help from a friend i was able to get ahold of I probably would have been stuck there. Like flat tires it's one of those expected failures that isn't a question of if but when, but unlike tire failure it can be eliminated if replaced early. Around $150 for all 3 cables every say 15k isn't too bad. That of course if you do it yourself.

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