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It also depends on the type of bike you ride. I have a friend who rides a Gold Wing and has put 44,000 miles on it, mostly on long road trips. He uses a car tire - Michelin - on the rear only and swears by it.
On other forums there are endless threads about the pros and cons of "darksiding" or using a car tire. Personally, for either of my bikes, I wouldn't even consider it. On large, heavy touring bikes with a pillion - like a Gold Wind - it's not uncommon. Pretty common on big scooters like the Suzuki Burgman AN650 too.
I agree with Lantesh - you wouldn't seriously consider tractor tires or trailer tires on a car - different use. The two main differences for us are a) you only have two points of contact, and b) you lean significantly on curves and use the side of tire. You need all the traction you can get.
I'd stick with something designed for motorcycles and for your particular bike. I'm sure there are those out there who have, or do, use a car tire though - this question is always good for a spirited "discussion".

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