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I put in about 6 hours riding time on a friend's Vulcan 900 this summer as I was deciding what bike to buy.

I'm over 6'2" and his bike felt fine to me ergonomics wise... except for the horrible numb butt I'd get after about half an hour. It was agonizing! He even had a sheepskin ... I don't know what it was, but that bike just didn't fit me or the seat was off or something. I could have bought a Vulcan, but I would have had to buy an aftermarket seat immediately.

All I can tell you is this: Take a bike for a ride, and if you are at all in tune with what your body is telling you, you'll know if its the right ride for you in about 20 minutes. If you have numb butt, sore hips, pinched shoulder blades they are only going to get worse as you ride. Keep testing bikes until you find one that feels right.

When I test rode the Tbird, I could immediately tell that this was a bike built for me. The stock seat is perfect for me, for some reason.

I've put 2000km on my Thunderbird so far over the past 2 weeks of owning it. One trip was over 500km and I could have easily kept riding. No discomfort, no numb butt, nothing!

I'm not saying that the Thunderbird will feel that way to everyone. The other week I was training at the gym with a friend who is my height, and we both noticed that his hip bones are quite a bit higher than mine. He has really long legs, but we're the same height. Everyone is built a bit different.

All I can say is that for me ... the Triumph Thunderbird is the absolute perfect riding machine.


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