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Originally Posted by BMK9251 View Post
I just got a black 1600 abs model. I'm no speed freak but looking for a different ride. I have test ridden one and I know I'll be happy with the power for a long time.
I'm not either, but like i keep telling people, the 1700 doesn't have to be ridden fast to enjoy the extra power. Even riding sedately that extra power makes it more of a joy to ride. I guess you have to experience both to understand, but most 1600 guys end up going with the 1700 kit if they can swing it.

But that said, if you really don't want that at least go with the short TORS. They really wake the bike up nicely. The way i felt was in stock form my 1600 was lethargic and passing power wasn't there at all. Then with shorties that was no longer the case and it now felt peppy enough to where i was itching for more power. then the BB kit with the shorties and it is much stronger and passing is a snap. It will accelerate quickly even at 80 or 90 to pass.

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