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When I wash my bike,I have learned to put the hose right down onto the belt and aim it at both cogs to wash away any loose dirt,dust.etc.that may have collected on em,then roll the machine a head and do it again and so forth until I have rinsed the entire belt and both cogs as best I can.I also use the hose to flush the brake dust out of all three calipers.A clean brake is a happy brake,lol,and might even work more efficiently when they're clean.Just remember,when ya do that,ya gotta take it easy until the brakes dry out.It only takes a couple miles and everything returns to normal.

When I change a tire,and since I have the wheel and cush drive off,I have also learned to use an old tooth brush to clean between the teeth on the belt itself and the teeth on the rear cog.If the rear cog was loaded with crap,then I have to assume that the front one is too.So I pull the front cover [four bolts with 8MM heads] and clean that front cog too. So ya might wanna get into the habit of washing those things everytime ya wash your machine.

I also just bought a rolla stand so I can place either wheel on it and rotate it for tire and or belt inspection,or cleaning the wheel[s] without jacking the machine up or lifting either wheel off the floor.That should make life a lot easier for me.Tough to get old ya Dave!!!
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